Breakwater Pale Ale – Gage Roads Brewing (AUS)

Not to be confused with the American, Dry Dock Breakwater pale, this comes from Western Australia’s Gage Road Brewery. I’m a big fan of their Atomic Pale Ale and so was looking forward slaking my thirst with their new edition.

Bottle of Breakwater pale on a stone background
Breakwater pale ale ……. just about lives up to its name


For a dry-hopped ale I was expecting a bit more bite. There’s a slight aroma of elderflower, and this flows over into the taste. There’s a hint of Wax Jambu there too ……….. in other words, not much taste at all. It might make a refreshing summer throw-down but not up to the giddy heights of the Atomic.

Perhaps it’s not a good idea to put the word ‘water’ into the name of a beer …… ‘Adam’s Ale’ might have been more fitting.

Here’s The Doors with, ‘Break On Through’ …………


Three Sheets Pale Ale – Lord Nelson Brewery (AUS)

England expects …………… On the eve of the first Ashes test, I thought it only appropriate that I try an Anglo-Australian ale. As mentioned in my review of the ‘Old Admiral‘ dark ale, I’m a bit of a fan of the Lord Nelson pub in Sydney’s Rocks district. Their ales never fail to impress and ‘Three Sheets’ is no exception.

Lord Nelson Brewery's  'Three Sheets', another admirable ale.
Lord Nelson Brewery’s ‘Three Sheets’, another admirable ale.


Antique pine in colour, it has a fresh citrus aroma. Photographed here on what will be my new deck (see what I did there?), Three Sheets is as fresh as Mistral wind. Mouth-watering, with undertones of honey and apple crumble, it goes down a treat …… much like Napoleon’s fleet at Trafalgar.

Here’s to the Admiral, here’s the Ashes! May the best team win …… as long as it’s England.

Here’s the Thin White Duke, with ‘Ashes To Ashes’ …………

Tane Manuka Smoke Beer – Herne Brewing Company (NZ)

blurred image of a bottle of tane
Tane Manuka Smoke Beer …… cheaper than honey!

I’m not sure why this photo is so blurry, I hadn’t even had a beer before I took it, perhaps it was the excitement! I sampled this little beauty on our Christmas NZ tour. The South island has a rich vein of craft beer running through it and this one is a diamond.

Reading from my infamous tasting notes on the phone (that explains the shit photo!), I had this down as being made by the Herbert Brewing Company. Once again misled by the damned auto-correct, of course it’s made by the Herne Brewing Company of West Otago.  Brewed in honour of the legendary god of the forest, Tane, this is a fine-tasting, award-winning  smoke beer, reminiscent of the Manuka bacon we ate for breakfast on Christmas morning. Now I’ve never seen a Manuka but if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, you’re better off smoking it than feeding to your bees, cos the honey is really expensive!

A great diner ale, try it with venison or wild boar, or as I did, with tarragon chicken.

Here’s the legendary god of the forest, Robert Smith, with The Cure and ………….. ‘A Forest’