Tane Manuka Smoke Beer – Herne Brewing Company (NZ)

blurred image of a bottle of tane
Tane Manuka Smoke Beer …… cheaper than honey!

I’m not sure why this photo is so blurry, I hadn’t even had a beer before I took it, perhaps it was the excitement! I sampled this little beauty on our Christmas NZ tour. The South island has a rich vein of craft beer running through it and this one is a diamond.

Reading from my infamous tasting notes on the phone (that explains the shit photo!), I had this down as being made by the Herbert Brewing Company. Once again misled by the damned auto-correct, of course it’s made by the Herne Brewing Company of West Otago.  Brewed in honour of the legendary god of the forest, Tane, this is a fine-tasting, award-winning  smoke beer, reminiscent of the Manuka bacon we ate for breakfast on Christmas morning. Now I’ve never seen a Manuka but if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, you’re better off smoking it than feeding to your bees, cos the honey is really expensive!

A great diner ale, try it with venison or wild boar, or as I did, with tarragon chicken.

Here’s the legendary god of the forest, Robert Smith, with The Cure and ………….. ‘A Forest’





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