Breakwater Pale Ale – Gage Roads Brewing (AUS)

Not to be confused with the American, Dry Dock Breakwater pale, this comes from Western Australia’s Gage Road Brewery. I’m a big fan of their Atomic Pale Ale and so was looking forward slaking my thirst with their new edition.

Bottle of Breakwater pale on a stone background
Breakwater pale ale ……. just about lives up to its name


For a dry-hopped ale I was expecting a bit more bite. There’s a slight aroma of elderflower, and this flows over into the taste. There’s a hint of Wax Jambu there too ……….. in other words, not much taste at all. It might make a refreshing summer throw-down but not up to the giddy heights of the Atomic.

Perhaps it’s not a good idea to put the word ‘water’ into the name of a beer …… ‘Adam’s Ale’ might have been more fitting.

Here’s The Doors with, ‘Break On Through’ …………


2 thoughts on “Breakwater Pale Ale – Gage Roads Brewing (AUS)”

  1. This one has confused me – are you sure its not called Drydock Breakwater pale? Mind you that hint of Wax Jambu is a giveaway so maybe it’s me who’s confused. Hold on, I was the one confused in the first place. Loving the way they’ve put water into the name – much better than wind. It may make you look cool to watch ” A Mighty Wind ” by the Spinal Tap people, it’s hard to gage. Apt though if you’re drinking “Three Sheets.

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