Yenda Pale Ale – The “Australian Beer Co” (AUS)

According to the Wicked Pedia, “Yenda is a town in the Riverina district of New South Wales, Australia. The town is located about 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) east of Griffith, 45 kilometres (28 mi) of Narrandera, and 550 kilometres (340 mi) west of Sydney in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area of southern New South Wales. Although most of the original 15-acre farms have been consolidated into large vineyards and most farmhouses have disappeared, farm roads are named after the original settlers. In 1940 Yenda had two clothing stores, two bakers, two butchers, two grocery stores, two barbers, one newsagency, one pharmacy, one cinema, one Greek restaurant and one bank but residents now do their shopping in nearby Griffith. At the 2011 census, Yenda had a population of 1,503.” Strangely there is no mention of a craft brewery?

Image of a bottle of Yenda Pale Ale
Yenda Pale Ale – A sheep in wolf’s clothing.


Now, there obviously is a brewery in Yenda, ‘cos that’s where they make ‘Yenda Pale Ale’, an Australian-style pale with a ‘3 out of 5 malt intensity and 3 out of 5  hop intensity’. Why am telling you all this? You can read it in the bottle! In fact, The Australian Beer Co has done all it can to help you in your craft beer experience. What the label doesn’t tell you is that the Aus Beer Co is owned by Coca Cola Amatil, therefore it isn’ a craft beer. What it is is a multi-national soft drinks company masquerading as rural brewer, trying to cash in on the craft beer revival.

It tastes alright, but is not as nice as full fat coke.

Here’s the Skids with ‘Masquerade’ ………. check out Jobson’s dancing!



Cloud Catcher – Stone & Wood (Limited Release) (AUS)

Surfers at sunset, The Pass, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia
Surfers at sunset, The Pass, Byron Bay, with Wollumbin in the background.©MikeGreenslade

Brewed by Byron Bay’s renowned Stone & Wood brewery, ‘Cloud Catcher’ is a limited release brew packed with fruity flavours. Named after the iconic Mt Warning that over looks the bay in Byron (the indigenous name for the mountain, ‘Wollumbin’, means ‘Cloud Catcher’ in the local Bunjalung dialect), it sports the distinctive peak on its label.

Cloud Catcher, it's limited release so catch it while you can
Cloud Catcher, it’s limited release so catch it while you can


Cloudy by name, cloudy by nature, it has the fruity aroma I also associate with Stone & Wood’s Pacific Ale. Cloud Catcher moves smoothly over the tongue, releasing bursts of apricot jam with hints of strawberry Lovehearts and lemon sherbert. It’s the perfect foil for the chilli-fuelled veggie nachos that I’ve just consumed and just might be  my new favourite beer!

A special thanks to subscriber, Pete R for delivering the sample ales.

Here’s The Orb with “Little Fluffy Clouds” …… feel the love……