Tusk – Feral Brewing Company (AUS)

So, my first beer in Tramtown for nearly a year. Having made good use of the Untappd beer finding app, I found myself in the Deja Vu Bar in Little Lonsdale St, ready for an early doors liven’er. Walking in the door I had the strange feeling I’d been there before?

Despite its unassuming exterior, the Deja Vu is a beer hunter’s heaven, with a fine selection of craft beers, both bottled and on tap. Oooh, what to have? I’ll try the Feral Brewing‘s “Tusk” please (favourite animal: elephant). Yes, just a schooner, um I mean pot, or whatever you call it down here. Oooh, that looks nice, how much? $15! This had better be good.


Tusk - even an elaphant would forget after a few of these


After I’d recovered from what I call ‘Metro-shock’, I realised that this was indeed a very special ale. At a hefty 11%, it’s like having 2 beers in one glass and therefore saves a lot of time (still makes it $7.50 a schooner). The surprising thing is that it doesn’t taste like 11%, its much smoother than you’d think. A nice balance of nectarines and yeast, not overly hopped but rather a substantial, fruity pale ale. I liked it a lot but luckily couldn’t afford another one ……. and I had to walk home.

Here’s Beirut with ‘Elephant Gun’ …………………



2 thoughts on “Tusk – Feral Brewing Company (AUS)”

  1. Sounds like getting hammered could be a problem. Coincidently/Coincidentally the beer festival at Snozzle Brewery has just been hailed a ” good event ” by someone. Happy daze, even though it was only one. I remember having some refreshing Nicholson’s Pale Ale in the morning. Great name, great bath beer. Complemented with a Cornich Parsty and The Good Old Fashioned Lover Boys, who were a tribute act (although I was drinking Proper Cool) How apt is that!. Tasted a bit like cold marmalade.

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