Fish River Gold Golden Ale – Red Tape Brewing Co (AUS)

Fish River Gold

If you’re in Darling Harbour on a hot day looking for a refreshing pint, look no further than the King St Brewhouse. Home to the Red Tape Brewing Co. The busy harbour-side bar brews its own ales and their Fish River Gold proved the perfect accompaniment to a fish ‘n’ chip lunch.

Image of lovely pint of beer!
Fish River Gold – There’s gold in them there fish

Brewed with water from the nearby Goldfish River, this golden ale is a clouded honey in colour and sweet on the nose. It’s light and refreshing with a hint of toffee apples. I was rather tempted to have another and just watch the world go by.

Talking of the world and goldfish, here’s inspirational Inspiral Carpets with ‘Two Worlds Collide’


2 thoughts on “Fish River Gold Golden Ale – Red Tape Brewing Co (AUS)”

  1. Fact – matey from the carpets played on his own up the Railway a while back. I wasn’t there but my very own Lord Varys tells me the only one listening was a certain media distribution executive. The name Fish River Gold evokes fond memories of Fishmonkeyman and bargain bucket heaven – check out their discography – i love “if i’ve told you once” and still have it on precious CD single. The pint itself? well lets just say If your wife made seedless marmalade..Come to think of it why hasn’t that micro brewery been set up yet? For eating i’d go for a Custard Apple – BoHo fruit for that “I’m really interesting” vibe

  2. Carpets at the Rails, who’d have thought?
    My neighbour up the road grows custard apples. He ain’t BoHo but he was bitten by black snake and nearly went blind. I check out the unlikely-named fishmonkeyman (which I assume to a shortened version of evolution). They sound like mock Mock Turtles.

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