Newtowner Australian Pale Ale – Young Henry’s (AUS)

Being an ex-Erskinevillain, I was drawn to this beer, named after thriving urban playground of Newtown, in  Sydney’s inner-west.

Image of 'I have dream mural' in King St, Newtown
I Have A Dream, mural, King St, Newtown, Sydney, Australia

I have a dream that one day a brewery will send me a carton of beer for the free promotion service I provide to my thousands of readers.

Image of a bottle of Newtowner on a polished concrete work top.
Young Henry’s Newtowner – a possible new favourite quaffer

Young Henry’s have hit the nail on the head with highly quaffable Australian Pale Ale. Reading my tasting notes it says, “Newt owner can’t floss”. I’m getting much better at deciphering my auto-corrected digital notes and took this to mean that Newtowner has hints of candy floss. It’s beautifully balanced with a subtle bitterness and at 4.8% would make a great session ale …… if you’re after a good session. It’s available on tap too, find it on Untapped

“Serve The People” is Young Henry’s mantra. Here’s Senator of Soul , Curtis Mayfield with “People Get Ready …….


Beyond The Black Stump Wattle Seed Ale – Australian Beer Co (AUS)

It really pays to read the label properly before you make that impulse buy. This one cropped up in my local bottlo, ‘ ooh, wattle seed ale, that sounds interesting’ I thought. It wasn’t until I’d purchased the nicely packaged pint bottle that I read “Australian Beer Co’ on the bottle top. This is Newspeak for Coca Cola Amatil and what they’re doing pretending to make craft beer is beyond me. Could it possible be motivated by money? Such is the nature of naked capitalism.

Beer bottle in a tree stump
Beyond The Black Stump – What’ll they think of next?

I shan’t be buying any more of this stuff or their Yenda craft beer bollocks. I’m not sure what a wattle seed tastes like but this beer tastes like cream soda mixed with nougart and I’m a fan of neither. It went flat pretty quick too.

Here endeth the rant.

To lighten the mood, here’s Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with ‘Nature Boy’ ………

New World Order American Stout – Temple Brewing Co (AUS)

‘Tis winter Downunder and winter is the best time to drink stout. Two lamb chops in every pint so the saying goes, a meal in glass …… just an excuse to miss a meal and drink beer instead.

On a chilly Melbourne evening I decided to venture into the Coppers Inn on Exhibition St. Now, with a name like ‘Coopers Inn’  you might expect me to try a Coopers but no one likes to be predictable, so I opted for an American stout, brewed by an Australian brewery.

Image of NWO's slightly Masonic label
NWO – it’s stout not a rap group


Made by Temple Brewing Co in East Brunswick (or Brunswick East if you’re that way inclined), New World Order is an American Stout. What sets it apart from your average stout is its smoothness. There’s hints of ground coffee and burnt toast but nothing that really jumps out at you. A bit like Roger Moore as James Bond, perhaps a little too smooth for some. I paired it with salmon and fennel mash and nailed it in the trivia!

Here’s the old New Order with aptly named ‘Confusion’ ………


Youngs’ Special London Ale (ENG)

OK, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I took this photo on 10th June. It was the day before I visited Brisbane with a bunch of friends and rivals, fellow Poms and Aussies to see the first test against the Wallabies. Was this bottle of beer a good omen? With Ben Youngs set to start for the a very special England XV,  I predicted a 3-0 win for the visiting team.

Low and behold, 3 weeks later I was proved right! However, my clairvoyant career was short-lived as I failed to predict the England soccer team’s exit from  Euro16  courtesy of the football powerhouse that is Iceland, and the UK’s exit from the EU, courtesy  of a bunch of idiots in the motherland.

Nonetheless, I’m a rugby man and that’s the result that counts.

Image of a bottle of Special London Ale on an England rugby shirt.
Something special from England……


How about the beer I hear you ask? Brewed by Charles Wells, Young’ Special London Ale s a fine example of an English ale, nutty with hints of caramelised marmalade and a controlled bitte hoppy finish; smooth and satisfying. They say revenge is a dish best tasted cold, but this beer it’s best drunk at room temperature, to bring the flavour out. World class. Swing Low.

For a well-travelled Special Ale and some fine Internationals, here’s the Specials with International Jet Set …………..