New World Order American Stout – Temple Brewing Co (AUS)

‘Tis winter Downunder and winter is the best time to drink stout. Two lamb chops in every pint so the saying goes, a meal in glass …… just an excuse to miss a meal and drink beer instead.

On a chilly Melbourne evening I decided to venture into the Coppers Inn on Exhibition St. Now, with a name like ‘Coopers Inn’  you might expect me to try a Coopers but no one likes to be predictable, so I opted for an American stout, brewed by an Australian brewery.

Image of NWO's slightly Masonic label
NWO – it’s stout not a rap group


Made by Temple Brewing Co in East Brunswick (or Brunswick East if you’re that way inclined), New World Order is an American Stout. What sets it apart from your average stout is its smoothness. There’s hints of ground coffee and burnt toast but nothing that really jumps out at you. A bit like Roger Moore as James Bond, perhaps a little too smooth for some. I paired it with salmon and fennel mash and nailed it in the trivia!

Here’s the old New Order with aptly named ‘Confusion’ ………



5 thoughts on “New World Order American Stout – Temple Brewing Co (AUS)”

  1. What a name though, Roger Moore. My favourite James Bond you ask? It has to be Timothy Dalton in Licence to Kill. He’s grand jobby jobby up t’mill in it aye lad. Check out “Timothy Dalton James Bond – Accent Slips Out” on YouTube. Tetley and greyhounds for tea whilst listening to Frank Sidebottom Panic on the streets of Timperley.

    1. You are most indeedly using old encylopedia. Timperley is in Greater Manchester (West Yorkshire soon with boundary changes)

  2. Surely, moving a county boundary will not alter the accent of the of the said actor contained within. Unless he’s a really good actor, which he evidently is not (“Timothy Dalton James Bond – Accent Slips Out” on YouTube). Boom!

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