Beyond The Black Stump Wattle Seed Ale – Australian Beer Co (AUS)

It really pays to read the label properly before you make that impulse buy. This one cropped up in my local bottlo, ‘ ooh, wattle seed ale, that sounds interesting’ I thought. It wasn’t until I’d purchased the nicely packaged pint bottle that I read “Australian Beer Co’ on the bottle top. This is Newspeak for Coca Cola Amatil and what they’re doing pretending to make craft beer is beyond me. Could it possible be motivated by money? Such is the nature of naked capitalism.

Beer bottle in a tree stump
Beyond The Black Stump – What’ll they think of next?

I shan’t be buying any more of this stuff or their Yenda craft beer bollocks. I’m not sure what a wattle seed tastes like but this beer tastes like cream soda mixed with nougart and I’m a fan of neither. It went flat pretty quick too.

Here endeth the rant.

To lighten the mood, here’s Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with ‘Nature Boy’ ………


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