Newtowner Australian Pale Ale – Young Henry’s (AUS)

Being an ex-Erskinevillain, I was drawn to this beer, named after thriving urban playground of Newtown, in  Sydney’s inner-west.

Image of 'I have dream mural' in King St, Newtown
I Have A Dream, mural, King St, Newtown, Sydney, Australia

I have a dream that one day a brewery will send me a carton of beer for the free promotion service I provide to my thousands of readers.

Image of a bottle of Newtowner on a polished concrete work top.
Young Henry’s Newtowner – a possible new favourite quaffer

Young Henry’s have hit the nail on the head with highly quaffable Australian Pale Ale. Reading my tasting notes it says, “Newt owner can’t floss”. I’m getting much better at deciphering my auto-corrected digital notes and took this to mean that Newtowner has hints of candy floss. It’s beautifully balanced with a subtle bitterness and at 4.8% would make a great session ale …… if you’re after a good session. It’s available on tap too, find it on Untapped

“Serve The People” is Young Henry’s mantra. Here’s Senator of Soul , Curtis Mayfield with “People Get Ready …….


3 thoughts on “Newtowner Australian Pale Ale – Young Henry’s (AUS)”

  1. Hi Beerhunter, I too was a local St Peters boy 20 yrs ago and love the sound of that pale , wish it had been around then. My hint of bitterness is that I was restricted to drinking ******** New when sessions were aplenty. You should get a slab soon, Shirley.

  2. When I first looked at the name of this beer I read it as Newton Faulkner – maybe something got me started. It’s young Henrys season in Rock at the moment, who along with our leave ’em to it ex PM will cheering on Charlotte Dujardin in the dressage ra ra ra .Me? i’ll be drinking a bottle of Tunnel Vision by the Box Steam Brewery, Whiltshire, eating Findus Crispy Pancakes (YES!) whilst listening to 65daysofstatic – Radio Protector.

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