Fancy Pants – Mountain Goat Beer (AUS)

I love ‘Camp Beer’. No, I don’t mean beer with a little umbrella and a glazed cherry, I mean the beer drunk whilst camping. Just like ‘Camp Tea’ and ‘Camp Sausages’, they just taste better. Fancy Pants is no exception. Strangely,  the brewery’s name could almost be a list of essentials for a good camping trip ……. if you’re into goats.

Fancy it is. Pants it is most certainly not.

For an amber ale, ‘Pants’ is quite dark, a bit like a tawny port. The Tasmanian Galaxy hops give it a sweet malty aroma. The taste is more akin to an English ale with hints of malt loaf and toffee-apples. I put the slightly smokey flavour down to me sitting by the camp fire.

The folk at Mountain Goat Beer have come up with another winner, warm and textured with enough bitterness in the finish to invite you back for more. I fancy some more.

From the classic “New Boots and Fancy Panties”, here’s the old goat of punky pub rock funk, Sir Ian Dury with the inimitable Blockheads and “Wake Up And Make Love With Me” ………….




7 thoughts on “Fancy Pants – Mountain Goat Beer (AUS)”

  1. I had no idea that Ian was afflicted by polio at the age of seven, which left him with a shriveled arm and leg? A mountain goat he was not, but a bloody legend he was!

  2. Just unloading the kayak now , think I can make it downstream to the bottlo by dusk to grab some cold fancy pants after that description , any suggestions hunter on a type of fire wood that when burnt would match this top shelf ale ?

  3. The panties were not fancy bro – fake news – but if You fancy something that’s not pants then check out Baxter Dury’s album Prince of Thieves – he was on the cover of the aforementioned misnamed album. The don’t sell it in Boots though. You’ve also spelled owl incorrectly

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