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Tomahawk APA – Tuatara Brewing (NZ)

It’s been a long time between Tuatara’s that’s for sure. Too long in fact, but now I have the chance to make up for lost time ‘cos I’m back in the land of The Long White Cloud for a couple of weeks and beer is on the menu.

Tomahawk APA – drink with forked tongue

Similar to the Aotearoa Pale Ale the reviewed earlier, this is a beautifully balance American Pale Ale. Charged with ‘big-tasting American hops’, the Tuatarans have brought this pale to the edge, without going over the top. The result is a tangy, refreshing mix of citrus and pine flavours that cleanses  palate without removing the scalp. The perfect airport ale.

Talking of scalps, the British & Irish Lions play the All Blacks in the First Test tomorrow night. Now that would be a scalp worth taking!

Here’s The War On Drugs with ‘Baby Missiles ……… get it?



Windjammer IPA – Green Beacon Brewing Co

The can is definitely making a comeback, the return of the tinny! Enter Brisbane’s Green Beacon Brewing Co‘s Windjammer IPA……

Beautiful image of a can of beer
Cans are back – besides you can’r shotgun a bottle


This is an American style IPA, the colour of crystallised honey with a nice marmalade aroma. The bittersweet marmalade quality is mirrored in its taste. There’s a touch of lime zest in the finish but the bitterness is not overdone and the result is a well-balanced and moreish IPA … now I’m wishing I hadn’t already drunk the other 3.

Here, with a double word association, is The Jam, with ‘Pretty Green’

Boundary Road Brewery – American Pale Ale (NZ)

Boundary Road APA ...... quite at home on the range
Boundary Road APA …… horses drink it by the trough full.

American-style pales can be overdone, over hopped …. like a drunk boxer in a night club, just a little too punchy. When done well, the APA is a thing of beauty and the gateway to refreshment and satisfaction.

New Zealand’s Asahi-owned, Boundary Road Brewery have got the balance right with this one. Their American Pale Ale is a honey-coloured brew, with a floral, piney aroma. There’s plenty of fizz on the tongue, beautiful orange zest undertones and a pine sap finish.  I can’t wait to try the American Double IPA ………… although that could come out swinging like a drunk boxer. We’ll see.

Here’s vintage pale American, Bruce Springsteen with ‘Thunder Road’ …………..