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Old Fart by The Old Fart Brewing Company (UK)

As I start my next half-century on the planet, I thought it only right  that I review an age-appropriate beer. Some people may be offended to given a bottle of “Old Fart” for their 50th birthday, not I …… I say, ‘bring it on’, Victor Meldrew, here I come.

Old Fart by the Old Fart Brewing Company - quite sprightly for it's age
Old Fart by the Old Fart Brewing Company – quite sprightly for it’s age


I was pleasantly surprised by this traditional English brew. For a start it looks so bright and young when poured into the glass, clear shiny bronze with nice tight but soft bubbles. It’s a nicely balanced ale too, bittersweet and easy drinking with toffee undertones, it tastes like it was just pumped out the keg in a Yorkshire pub.

Old Fart won’t blow your head off, it won’t even blow your mind but it will blow the cobwebs out after a hard day’s labour and, like most farts, is surprisingly satisfying.

Here’s Jimi Hendrix with ‘The Wind Cries Mary’ …………….



Bathams Delph Ales Best Bitter (ENG)

‘Brewers of genuine beer since 1877’, so reads the label of Bathams Delph Ales Best Bitter. Imagine my surprise then when I knocked the top off and poured out what can only be described as ‘lager’.  ‘Lager is as lager does’ as Forest Gump once said, and this so-called ‘best bitter’ is pale straw in colour and has the malty smell of the aforementioned amber nectar.

Bathams Delph Ales Best Bitter - A sheep in wolf's clothing
Bathams Delph Ales Best Bitter – A sheep in wolf’s clothing

Now maybe this doesn’t travel too well, but I brought this all the way from the UK, a gift from my baby brother. May be it’s his idea of a joke, but damn me if this doesn’t taste like a lager too! A real Trojan Horse of a Best Bitter, with a prize bull on the bottle top. No prizes for the bull,  I’m gonna play it safe and go for a stout tomorrow!

Here’s Delphic live at the Reading Festival 2010