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“Fuego” Jalepeno Pislner – Twisted X Brewing Company (TEX)

I was mighty impressed with the craft beers in the People’s Republic of Texas, on what was my first visit to the country. One the best brews was one of the last I sampled. Having just topped up my ring-burner supplies in Austin’s Tears of Joy hot sauce shop, I joined my amigos at the Iron Cactus, on Austin’s famous 6th St for my good ole Tex Mex food before heading home.

Even the street art is so big that you can't fit it in the frame .....
Even the street art is so big that you can’t fit it in the frame …..


The guacamole was the best I’ve ever had, the fried fish tacos really hit the spot and, to top it all, the ‘Fuego’ Jalapeno Pilsner proved the perfect accompaniment.

Blurry can of Fuego
Even looking at a can of Fuego can blur you vision

Brewed by the Texan Twisted X Brewing Company, Fuego is a beautifully balanced Pilsner with enough Jalapeno heat to make it interesting but not so much that it takes away from the complex hop flavours. I loved it’s subtlety, but if heat is your thing you could always spice it up with some Anal Angst or Brand New Asshole hot sauce from Tears of Joy!

Here’s brilliantly twisted Texan, Bill Callahan with …. America ………..


Chilli Beer by Matso’s Broome Brewery (AUS)

Matso's Chilli Beer .... does what it says on the tin
Matso’s Chilli Beer …. does what it says on the tin

I was really hoping I hadn’t ruined my palette before tasting this rather unique beer by Matso’s Broome Brewery. I was just knocking up a homemade tomato sauce for dinner, handpicked cherry toms and basil from the garden, homegrown garlic and some fresh chillis from our resident bush. On the first taste of my sauce I realised I’d underestimated the strength of my little bird’s eye chillis and had to rescue the sauce from being R-rated and make it more PG.

Once my mouth had cooled it was time to try Matso’s Chilli Beer. Poured into a glass, the brew is straw in colour and looks more like cider than beer, holding no head. The proof of the pudding is in the eating they say and this is definitely a chilli pudding. Exhilarating , slightly sweet and hot, the resounding taste is that of ……. well, chilli. The first sip has a real punch and as your mouth adjusts you get real chilli pepper flavours coming through, complex flavours, not just heat.

If you’re looking for a cooling ale after eating a vindaloo, you might want to stay clear of this brew, but for chilli fans out there, this is the perfect accompaniment to anything that doesn’t contain chilli.

Best on a hot day, drunk from the bottle, icy cold, under the bridge.