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Black Giraffe – Black Coffee Lager – Burleigh Brewing Co (AUS)

Black Coffee Lager? Black Coffee Lager? ……. (think “garlic bread!?”)

Yeah, that’s what I thought when I read the label ……. “What, lager with black coffee?! Oh well, what’s to lose,? It can’t be any worse than larger without black coffee.

Aus SRT selection weekend
Black Giraffe – a taste of the wild life in long neck


Now, I have tried a dark lager before but I can’t say that I fully understood  it.  Burleigh Brewing Co’s ‘Black Giraffe’ is a different animal altogether. Sold in a beautifully decorated long neck (get it?), it pours like a stout, black and silky with a nice nicotine head. There’s definitely coffee on the nose, with a hint of dark chocolate and bitumen. The taste is complex and satisfying and if I had done a blind tasting I would have sworn this was a stout, which is no bad thing. There’s a rich malty bitterness with Arabica acetone undertones. Black Giraffe is head and shoulders above the rest. Drink it after dinner, with a cognac.

Before we tune-up here my favourite giraffe joke: What’s the difference between a giraffe and tractor?

Ones got hydraulics, ………………..

Now here’s the incomparable Otis Redding with “Cigarettes and Coffee” ………..