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Spitfire Kentish Ale – Shepherd Neame Brewery (ENG)

I knocked the top off this fine Kentish ale to celebrate the 74th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and to recognise the fact that I missed the commemorative lunch at Ballina RSL. First brewed by Shepherd and Neame  in 1990, the battle’s 50th anniversary, it came to known as the “Bottle of Britain”

Spitfire Kentish Ale - Bang on target!
Spitfire Kentish Ale – Bang on target!

This is an easy-drinking brew, in classic Kentish style. A bright ale, the colour of teak, its charms are more subtle than most American or Australian brews. There are hints of brazil nut and Chivers thick cut marmalade but more than anything, this tastes like Great British Beer. To top it all off, the beer cap is one of favourites, a modern classic.

We are the mods ..........
We are the mods ……….


Check out the very funny and successful ad campaign for Spitfire featuring Armstrong and Miller,

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And for your musical pleasure, here’s Public Service Broadcasting with the very awesome, ‘Spitfire’ ……………..