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Pils ‘n’ Thrills – Bohemian Pilsner – Garage Project (NZ)

Thanks to my sponsor, Pete R, I was supplied with this little beauty from across the ditch when he returned from a weekend on the piste. Regular readers will know that I’m no lager lout, but for this Garage Project project I’m willing to bend the rules.

I have no bellyaches about ‘Pils ‘n’ Thrills’ despite it being a lager

Named after one of the greatest albums ever made, this is a German-style pilsner with a twist. Slightly cloudy and pale straw in colour, it weighs in at a sturdy 5.5%. The first sip and aroma says ‘Pilsner’ but this has more body than your average Pils. There’s the usual malty flavours you expect in a lager but there’s also a great, zesty, bitter finish that leaves the mouth watering and wanting more, always a good quality in a beer.  Well done to the Wellington Garage Project Crew, I’m sad it’s all gone.

Any excuse to play some Happy Mondays, from the aforementioned ‘Pills, Thrills and Bellyaches’, here’s ‘Loose Fit’……



Mac’s Hop Rocker (NZ)

My first beer in New Zealand for 25 years came complete with stunning views of the cloud-draped mountains above beautiful Kaikoura. With a name like ‘Hop Rocker’, I was expecting a fruity pale ale (having ordered from the menu rather than from the bar of the Pier Hotel) so was a little surprised when a pint of what turned out to be a pilsner arrived. Still, I was not to be disappointed.

Mac's Hop Rocker - great with seafood
Mac’s Hop Rocker – great with seafood


Pale straw in colour, Mac’s Hop Rocker is crisp and clean, and cuts through the dust of a 2’1/2hr road trip up from Christchurch. I might not have been what I expected but it was surely what I needed. The taste is delicate and nuanced, there’s light undertones of chardonnay grapes and a slight honey sweetness. It was the perfect accompaniment to the rather wonderful seafood platter served by the good folk of the Pier Hotel. The first of many Macs to come.

Conversely, a seafood platter goes well with a pint of Hop Rocker.
Conversely, a seafood platter goes well with a pint of Hop Rocker.


Here’s late Baby Boomer band, Generation X, with “King Rocker” ……




Artisan Reserve – Thomas Cooper’s Selection (AUS)

‘Unpasteurised beer’? Whatever next, permeate-free lager?

Thomas Coopers's Selection Artisan Reserve --- arty farty pilsner
Thomas Coopers’s Selection Artisan Reserve — arty farty pilsner

Tommy Cooper has come up with just that, an unpasteurised pilsner …… just like that!  Golden straw in colour, it has good meaty bubbles but lacks the sediment you expect with a Cooper’s brew. For a lager, it has some depth, malt and a slight hint of Wax Jambu. Clean and fresh but hardly earth shattering,  and at $20 for a 6-pack, this Artisan ale can stay on the reserve’s bench.

On a more interesting note, there was an eclipse of the the moon this evening , which was pretty cool.

Lunar eclipse ... pretty cool huh?
Lunar eclipse … pretty cool huh?


In honour of this evening lunacy, here’s Echo and the Bunnymen with   ‘Killing Moon’