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Twisted Palm Tropical Pale Ale – Burleigh Brewing Co (AUS)

Gee I’m out of practice! I haven’t even had a beer for nearly six days (Dear Roy, is this a record?), let alone reviewed one. How hard can it be?

image of a hand twisted around holding a bottle of 'Twisted Palm'
Twisted Palm – like any good beer, comes in handy when you’re thirsty!

Let’s start with a nice refreshing Tropical Ale on a cold winter’s evening. Burleigh Brewing‘s motto is ‘Balance, Character, Soul’ and I’d say this fruity pale lives up the that motto and makes an ideal summer quaffer.

Paw paw aromas give way to a subtle, lychee flavours. Pale in colour crisp on the tongue and clear as a bell, what it lacks in bite it more than makes up for in mouth-watering lemon zestiness.  Roll on summer!

Named after the Pandanus, Twisted Palm is the feel good hot of the summer


We’ve already had QUOTSA’s Feel Good Hit, so here Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with ‘White Palms’ …… vroom vroom


Colonial IPA – Colonial Brewing Company (AUS)

There was a special ‘Australia Day’ deal at the Gooner IGA, buy a six-pack of Colonial IPA and receive a free glass. Seemed like a pretty good deal, only I like to think of it as buy a glass and get a six-pack of beer free. Free beer always tastes better!


I love this beer! Caramel sugar brown in colour it has a warm, sweet aroma. So, it looks good, smells good and then you taste it! First up is the sweetness of old fashioned barley sugar, a beautiful warm and nostalgic flavour, subtly balanced with a refreshing bitter finish. My new favourite beer.

And get this. The clever people at Colonial Brewing Co have come up with the innovation we’ve all been waiting for, a pull-ring that turns the can into a drinking vessel you can actually drink from ……..


What next? Flying cars?

From the future of drinking we go to the future of heads, here’s the Futureheads with Decent Days And Nights…….



Robohop Golden IPA – Kaiju! Beer (AUS)

Kaiju!'s Robohop - Serve the public beer!
Kaiju!’s Robohop – Serve the public beer!

This my first venture into Kaiju! territory and possibly my first ‘golden IPA’. I’ll have to take their word for the colour as I drank it straight from the bottle, next time I’ll pour it into a glass as I think this beer needs to breath to bring out the best in it.

I detected stone fruit and tobacco as I sniffed the bottle’s mouth (that sounds a bit wrong doesn’t it?) and I was expecting fruit when I took the first swig. Unfortunately, it was the tobacco flavours that shone through immediately, not something you’d associate with an IPA. A JPS, yes, but not an IPA.

This is where the breathing comes in, once the air has got to the ale, it’s more subtle flavours come through, lychee and rockmelon balanced with a grassy bitterness. This all adds up to a very different but satisfying brew and before you know it, the bottle’s empty.

Would I like another one? Affirmative

Would I recommend Robohop to other carbon-based organisms? Affirmative.

Should Kaiju! develop a merch shop with their label designs on t-shirts? Hell yeah!

….. breaking news!

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/177518622″>New KAIJU! merch for you!</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/kaijubeer”>KAIJU!</a&gt; on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Robohop – Serve the public.

Here’s the Stranglers with their ode to dystopian bread-making, ‘Hey! (The Rise of the Robots)………



Former Tenant Red IPA – Modus Operandi Brewing (AUS)

First up, apologies for the photo. This looks like I used a Saint Vitus Dance chromatic aberration filter. If only I had a camera.

Worst photo ever!
Worst photo ever!

Here’s what it should look like:

Pic of a can
Former Tenant Red IPA – why the hell did they move out?


You’ve got the love this beer’s MO. Marmalade orange in colour, it has an inviting aroma of tropical fruit. Coming in at 7.8%, you’d expect this IPA to slap you round the face a bit but it’s surprisingly soft and complex, with undertones of candied orange and Christmas crystallised fruits. It’s a sure-fire winner and the crew at Modus Operandi on Sydney’s Northern Beaches should hold their head high. I’ll be looking out for more of their MO!

Best drunk by a river.

Here’s the a suitable lo-fi Siouxsie and the Banshees with, ‘Tenant’….

And no, that’s not what you think it is ……..


Moo Brew – Single Hop (AUS)

The fantastically stylish Moo Brew Single Hop can with stylised Kangaroo and moon
Moo Brew, with a moon and a roo

I love everything about this beer. I mean, just look at the can! You could frame it and hang it on the wall. And why not, Moo Brew commissioned artist, John Kelly to design all their labels. The Tassie brewers know their stuff and their Single Hop is as classy as the can.

The aroma is warm and floral and the beer pours pale and slightly cloudy with a good head. The taste brings back memories of barley sugar and there’s enough bitterness to keep you mouth-watering until the next sip. On tap, this would be dangerous. More please.

Here’s Van Morrison with ‘Moooooondance’




Double Cascadian Dark Ale – Four Pines Brewing Co (AUS)

And here was I thinking a Double Cascadian was a complex manoeuvre in the synchronised diving! Turns out it’s a dark ale, a bloody fine one at that.

Image of a bottle of Cascadian Dark Ale in a flower pot
Cascadian Dark Ale – it’s from Cascadia!


Now, I’ve never had a single cascadian before but even if it were only half as good as this Double Cascadian, I’d be queueing up for a sample. Manly-based Four Pines Brewing have come up with another winner in this limited keller door release. There’s rich, dark chocolatey aromas and I was blown away by the flavours. Smokey cocoa, Turkish Delight and black cherries all combine to make a complex, rewarding and surprisingly delicious dark craft ale.

Here, with some vintage Mancunian cascade magic is the Stone Roses with, “Waterfall” ……….



Youngs’ Special London Ale (ENG)

OK, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I took this photo on 10th June. It was the day before I visited Brisbane with a bunch of friends and rivals, fellow Poms and Aussies to see the first test against the Wallabies. Was this bottle of beer a good omen? With Ben Youngs set to start for the a very special England XV, that I predicted 3-0 win for the visiting team.

Low and behold, 3 weeks later I was proved right! However, my clairvoyant career was short-lived as I failed to predict the England soccer team’s exit from  Euro16  courtesy of the football powerhouse that is Iceland, and the UK’s exit from the EU, courtesy  of a bunch of idiots in the motherland.

Nonetheless, I’m a rugby man and that’s the result that counts.

Image of a bottle of Special London Ale on an England rugby shirt.
Something special from England……


How about the beer I hear you ask? Brewed by Charles Wells, Young’ Special London Ale s a fine example of an English ale, nutty with hints of caramelised marmalade and a controlled bitte hoppy finish; smooth and satisfying. They say revenge is a dish best tasted cold, but this beer it’s best drunk at room temperature, to bring the flavour out. World class. Swing Low.

For a well-travelled Special Ale and some fine Internationals, here’s the Specials with International Jet Set …………..




Tusk – Feral Brewing Company (AUS)

So, my first beer in Tramtown for nearly a year. Having made good use of the Untappd beer finding app, I found myself in the Deja Vu Bar in Little Lonsdale St, ready for an early doors liven’er. Walking in the door I had the strange feeling I’d been there before?

Despite its unassuming exterior, the Deja Vu is a beer hunter’s heaven, with a fine selection of craft beers, both bottled and on tap. Oooh, what to have? I’ll try the Feral Brewing‘s “Tusk” please (favourite animal: elephant). Yes, just a schooner, um I mean pot, or whatever you call it down here. Oooh, that looks nice, how much? $15! This had better be good.


Tusk - even an elaphant would forget after a few of these


After I’d recovered from what I call ‘Metro-shock’, I realised that this was indeed a very special ale. At a hefty 11%, it’s like having 2 beers in one glass and therefore saves a lot of time (still makes it $7.50 a schooner). The surprising thing is that it doesn’t taste like 11%, its much smoother than you’d think. A nice balance of nectarines and yeast, not overly hopped but rather a substantial, fruity pale ale. I liked it a lot but luckily couldn’t afford another one ……. and I had to walk home.

Here’s Beirut with ‘Elephant Gun’ …………………


Red Ale – Nail Brewing (AUS)

It’s been a while, but it’s been worth the wait. I have a few brews up my sleeve but for a comeback beer you can get much better than Perth-based Nail’s ‘Red Ale’. Perhaps it was context, after a long day working on the house, sanding weather-boards and cladding the house? Perhaps it was the fact that the tasting took place in our newly activated bath-with-a-view? Whatever it was, I thoroughly enjoyed this beer!

Image of a bottle of Red Ale in stark sunlight, brilliantly styled with a hammer in the background
Nail Red Ale ….. the best way to get hammered?


Poured into the glass, this beer is as red as the Rous Mill earth. The Citra hops are to the fore in both the aroma and taste, ripening nectarines on the nose, sweet nectarine flavours are balanced with the bitterness of the skin. Fruity and a refreshing change from ‘in your face IPA’s. Inspired by the mystical and sacred Uluru, this is a special beer with a mysterious powers ……… or was it the bath?

Here’s the rather wonderful, Squeeze with “Another Nail In My Heart” ……….

Moa Five Hop – Moa Brewing Co (NZ)

Any beer with a cork in the top of the bottle that pops like champagne when you open it has got to be good. This multi-award wining English-style ale from Blenheim’s Moa Brewing Co lives up to it’s billing.

Moa Five Hop - Heaven in a bottle
Moa Five Hop – Heaven in a bottle


Cloudy teak in colour, it has the aroma of freshly baked bread with honey. It’s tight bubbles hold a good head and slide the ale smoothly over your tongue. The taste is complex, as you’d expect from a combination of five hops, and deeply satisfying. I detect hints of brandy barrels and spices, creamed honey and pine needles. Another winner from a great Kiwi brewer, Heaven in a bottle.

Here’s the very wonderful James Teague with ‘Heaven’, keep an eye out for his new album, ‘Beyond The Melting Dawn’ due for release in November 15 …………………