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Colonial IPA – Colonial Brewing Company (AUS)

There was a special ‘Australia Day’ deal at the Gooner IGA, buy a six-pack of Colonial IPA and receive a free glass. Seemed like a pretty good deal, only I like to think of it as buy a glass and get a six-pack of beer free. Free beer always tastes better!


I love this beer! Caramel sugar brown in colour it has a warm, sweet aroma. So, it looks good, smells good and then you taste it! First up is the sweetness of old fashioned barley sugar, a beautiful warm and nostalgic flavour, subtly balanced with a refreshing bitter finish. My new favourite beer.

And get this. The clever people at Colonial Brewing Co have come up with the innovation we’ve all been waiting for, a pull-ring that turns the can into a drinking vessel you can actually drink from ……..


What next? Flying cars?

From the future of drinking we go to the future of heads, here’s the Futureheads with Decent Days And Nights…….



Robohop Golden IPA – Kaiju! Beer (AUS)

Kaiju!'s Robohop - Serve the public beer!
Kaiju!’s Robohop – Serve the public beer!

This my first venture into Kaiju! territory and possibly my first ‘golden IPA’. I’ll have to take their word for the colour as I drank it straight from the bottle, next time I’ll pour it into a glass as I think this beer needs to breath to bring out the best in it.

I detected stone fruit and tobacco as I sniffed the bottle’s mouth (that sounds a bit wrong doesn’t it?) and I was expecting fruit when I took the first swig. Unfortunately, it was the tobacco flavours that shone through immediately, not something you’d associate with an IPA. A JPS, yes, but not an IPA.

This is where the breathing comes in, once the air has got to the ale, it’s more subtle flavours come through, lychee and rockmelon balanced with a grassy bitterness. This all adds up to a very different but satisfying brew and before you know it, the bottle’s empty.

Would I like another one? Affirmative

Would I recommend Robohop to other carbon-based organisms? Affirmative.

Should Kaiju! develop a merch shop with their label designs on t-shirts? Hell yeah!

….. breaking news!

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/177518622″>New KAIJU! merch for you!</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/kaijubeer”>KAIJU!</a&gt; on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Robohop – Serve the public.

Here’s the Stranglers with their ode to dystopian bread-making, ‘Hey! (The Rise of the Robots)………



Saison en Chêne – Stone & Wood Pilot Batch (AUS)

Pilot Batch - experimental brew fro Stone & Wood
Pilot Batch – experimental brews from Stone & Wood

“Untried, Experimental, Limited” is the motto of Stone & Wood‘s Pilot Batch series. At first taste, that motto about summed up this particular brew for me. Saison en Chene, made in collaboration with Jilly Wines from nearby Clunes was not immediately a great match for my palette.

The overwhelming aroma is of yeasty sourdough and at first I thought this was a wheat beer (of which I’m not a great fan). Had I read the label properly, I would have realised it was a ‘Saison’, traditionally a strong, fruity, pale ale with plenty of spice and fizz. The fruit that comes through most strongly with this one is bananas, reminding me somewhat of Hoegaarden ……. strangely a wheat beer I’m quite partial too. However, this beer grew on me as I worked my way down the glass and, like most beers, by the time I’d finished it, I was ready for another! Warning: at 6.7% this one could creep up on you.

From the Saison we get season. Here’s a very thirsty Paul Weller with the wonderful ‘5th Season’…….


Moo Brew – Single Hop (AUS)

The fantastically stylish Moo Brew Single Hop can with stylised Kangaroo and moon
Moo Brew, with a moon and a roo

I love everything about this beer. I mean, just look at the can! You could frame it and hang it on the wall. And why not, Moo Brew commissioned artist, John Kelly to design all their labels. The Tassie brewers know their stuff and their Single Hop is as classy as the can.

The aroma is warm and floral and the beer pours pale and slightly cloudy with a good head. The taste brings back memories of barley sugar and there’s enough bitterness to keep you mouth-watering until the next sip. On tap, this would be dangerous. More please.

Here’s Van Morrison with ‘Moooooondance’




Freshie Salt & Pepper – N.O.M.A.D (AUS)

You can tell when you work/life balance is out of whack when you haven’t time to post to your beer blog. Something had to give and the full moon came to the rescue, the beers were calling me.  I remember buying this brew  a few weeks ago, it was a bit like buying a record or book because you like look of the cover. So I really didn’t know what to expect when I prised the top of the beautifully packaged bottle.

Salt & Pepper - let's talk about sex baby!
Salt & Pepper – let’s talk about sex baby!

Call me a fool, but I thought it would taste of salt & pepper (not the 80’s female rap duo). Instead, I’m treated to my first taste of a style of beer called, ‘Gose’.  According to NOMAD’s website,  a Gose is “typically … slightly tart, savoury and spicy (coriander) and light in body and ABV”.  Nomad have gone off piste somewhat and added sea water and pepper from Tassie!

This beer certainly smells like summer by the  sea,  hints of brine and citrus flavours from the coriander combine to evoke memories of fresh oysters out the shell ….. and that can’t be a bad thing.  It’s a refreshingly different brew and I love the slightly saline aftertaste…. maybe could do a little more pepper or even tabasco?  It leaves your mouth-watering and wanting more. Perfect for a BBQ at the beach.

Continuing the seafood theme, here’s Squeeze with, ‘Pulling Mussels From The Shell’ ……. worth watching for the TOTP countdown alone:



Wee Heavy Scottish Ale – Young Henry’s (AUS)

Another rare chance to sample a craft beer on tap. Another great find on the Untappd. The Quarrymans Hotel in Sydney’s Pyrmont has over 20 craft beers on tap (or 23 to be precise on the night I visited). When you’re looking for the right yoghurt in a supermarket, sometimes you can have too much choice. Luckily this doesn’t apply to beer …….. I’ll start at the top of the list and work my way down!

Image of a pint on Q beer mat
Wee ain’t heavy, wee my brutha!

Of course I wouldn’t dream of working my way through the list in one night. Young Henry’s ‘Wee Heavy’ tips the scales at a healthy 8.8%.  It ain’t wee but it certainly punches its weight ! This is a cask ale that tastes like it was conditioned in a whiskey barrel. Served at room temperature, with no carbonation, it’s a novelty in an Australian pub. It’s a substantial brew, smooth and sweet without being syrupy, it tastes like Christmas come early.

My big mistake was to pair it the Quarrymans’ cheese platter, 4lbs of cheeses served with dried fruits, chutney and cracker. Utterly delicious, it took two whole days to digest.

I was going to chose a track by the Beatles precursor ‘The Quarrymen’ or perhaps Echo and The Quarrymen,  but instead I’ve opted for the world’s greatest living non-Scotsman, Paul Weller with the epic ‘Heavy Soul’

Fish River Gold Golden Ale – Red Tape Brewing Co (AUS)

Fish River Gold

If you’re in Darling Harbour on a hot day looking for a refreshing pint, look no further than the King St Brewhouse. Home to the Red Tape Brewing Co. The busy harbour-side bar brews its own ales and their Fish River Gold proved the perfect accompaniment to a fish ‘n’ chip lunch.

Image of lovely pint of beer!
Fish River Gold – There’s gold in them there fish

Brewed with water from the nearby Goldfish River, this golden ale is a clouded honey in colour and sweet on the nose. It’s light and refreshing with a hint of toffee apples. I was rather tempted to have another and just watch the world go by.

Talking of the world and goldfish, here’s inspirational Inspiral Carpets with ‘Two Worlds Collide’

Red Ale – Nail Brewing (AUS)

It’s been a while, but it’s been worth the wait. I have a few brews up my sleeve but for a comeback beer you can get much better than Perth-based Nail’s ‘Red Ale’. Perhaps it was context, after a long day working on the house, sanding weather-boards and cladding the house? Perhaps it was the fact that the tasting took place in our newly activated bath-with-a-view? Whatever it was, I thoroughly enjoyed this beer!

Image of a bottle of Red Ale in stark sunlight, brilliantly styled with a hammer in the background
Nail Red Ale ….. the best way to get hammered?


Poured into the glass, this beer is as red as the Rous Mill earth. The Citra hops are to the fore in both the aroma and taste, ripening nectarines on the nose, sweet nectarine flavours are balanced with the bitterness of the skin. Fruity and a refreshing change from ‘in your face IPA’s. Inspired by the mystical and sacred Uluru, this is a special beer with a mysterious powers ……… or was it the bath?

Here’s the rather wonderful, Squeeze with “Another Nail In My Heart” ……….

Cloud Catcher – Stone & Wood (Limited Release) (AUS)

Surfers at sunset, The Pass, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia
Surfers at sunset, The Pass, Byron Bay, with Wollumbin in the background.©MikeGreenslade

Brewed by Byron Bay’s renowned Stone & Wood brewery, ‘Cloud Catcher’ is a limited release brew packed with fruity flavours. Named after the iconic Mt Warning that over looks the bay in Byron (the indigenous name for the mountain, ‘Wollumbin’, means ‘Cloud Catcher’ in the local Bunjalung dialect), it sports the distinctive peak on its label.

Cloud Catcher, it's limited release so catch it while you can
Cloud Catcher, it’s limited release so catch it while you can


Cloudy by name, cloudy by nature, it has the fruity aroma I also associate with Stone & Wood’s Pacific Ale. Cloud Catcher moves smoothly over the tongue, releasing bursts of apricot jam with hints of strawberry Lovehearts and lemon sherbert. It’s the perfect foil for the chilli-fuelled veggie nachos that I’ve just consumed and just might be  my new favourite beer!

A special thanks to subscriber, Pete R for delivering the sample ales.

Here’s The Orb with “Little Fluffy Clouds” …… feel the love……


Three Sheets Pale Ale – Lord Nelson Brewery (AUS)

England expects …………… On the eve of the first Ashes test, I thought it only appropriate that I try an Anglo-Australian ale. As mentioned in my review of the ‘Old Admiral‘ dark ale, I’m a bit of a fan of the Lord Nelson pub in Sydney’s Rocks district. Their ales never fail to impress and ‘Three Sheets’ is no exception.

Lord Nelson Brewery's  'Three Sheets', another admirable ale.
Lord Nelson Brewery’s ‘Three Sheets’, another admirable ale.


Antique pine in colour, it has a fresh citrus aroma. Photographed here on what will be my new deck (see what I did there?), Three Sheets is as fresh as Mistral wind. Mouth-watering, with undertones of honey and apple crumble, it goes down a treat …… much like Napoleon’s fleet at Trafalgar.

Here’s to the Admiral, here’s the Ashes! May the best team win …… as long as it’s England.

Here’s the Thin White Duke, with ‘Ashes To Ashes’ …………