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Timothy Taylor’s Landlord (People’s Republic of Yorkshire)

This fine Yorkshire ale normally retails in Oz for around $8 a bottle, so when I saw it on the special’s table at Desperate Dan’s, going for $2.49, I jumped at the chance ………. 3 times.

Image of TT Landlord IPA in wooden background
Timothy Taylor’s Landlord – ‘aven’t you got no ‘omes to go to?’

Timothy Taylor’s Landlord a classic and much-awarded English IPA, perfect for an evening in front of the newly-installed wood-burning stove. I drank it at room temperature and found it to be a smooth as silk. Antique pine in colour, it has the mild aroma of citrus fruit and suede elbow patches. Without the carbonation characteristic of Australian and American IPA’s, it’s n easy drinking ale, sweet and nutty. Sweet as a nut, you might say. I’ll be keeping an eye out for it on the hand pump next time I’m in the Old Dart.

Quite fittingly, this was the B-side to “Message In A Bottle”, here’s The Police with “Landlord” ………..


Old Speckled Hen – Moreland Brewery (ENG)

Old Speckled Hen is a much-respected English pale ale from the Greene King stable. Brewed in Bury St Edmunds by Moreland,  it’s available throughout much of the UK and now, I’m happy to say, in Australia and 46 other countries too

Old Speckled Hen .... you can safely count your chickens with one
Old Speckled Hen …. you can safely count your chickens with one

This is a beautiful bronze ale, sweet and malty on the nose. It’s very smooth with hints of flap jack and toffee-apple. Like most beers, it would be better from a cask but I’m not complaining. A fine example of a Great British beer. I had mine with slow-cooked beef with roasted pumpkin, runner beans and mash and I wished I’d bought a couple more.

Here’s The Bees with ‘Chicken Payback’


Dek – Driftwood Spars Brewery, St Agnes (KER)

The Driftwood Spars Hotel in St Agnes, Cornwall has been serving up great beer since the 1940’s, although the historic building dates back to 1650. Landlady, Louise continues the tradition of offering a selection of time real ales, shelf-loads of malt whiskey and a warm welcome.

The brewery, situated across the road from the hotel has been brewing for several years and ‘Dek’ (Cornish for 10) is it’s 10th different brew.

'Dek' Cornish Ale done old skool style
‘Dek’, Cornish Ale done old skool style

Dek is an old skool style, no fizz, plenty of hops and and nice bitter finish. A good old-fashioned pint of bitter. Here’s to the next 10 beers!

Desmond Dekker ……. It Mek


Wadworth 6 X (ENG)

In days of old, it was traditional for journeys by train to include a visit to the buffet car to partake in liquid refreshment. Imagine my shock to find that First Great Western no longer served McKewan’s Export! Oh how times have changed.

I was tempted to try a bottle of St Austell’s ‘Tribute’ but as I was Cornwall-bound there was a very good chance that another opportunity would arise over the coming days, so I plumped for a Wadworth 6 X.

Wadworth 6 X ...... 2 more x's than Castlemaine
Wadworth 6 X …… 50% more X’s than Castlemaine


A beautiful looking bronze ale that holds it’s creamy head well, even from a can. 23 hrs on a plane had played havoc with my nasal passages so all I could smell was a hint of beer. I have to say that the taste was surprisingly good. Not surprisingly, it’s English in style with not too much gas, like a ‘real ale’ should be. I taste hints of Horlicks, Cox’s Pippins and …. Albion, a sort of homecoming?

Here’s U2 …