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Back Home Gingerbread Stout – Golden Road (USA)

You can’t get much more Christmasy than a gingerbread stout, at least not in my books. The surprising thing is that this seasonal brew is made in LA. Golden Road (no, they’re not a South American revolutionary group or a type of staph infection) have been brewing since 2011, which a long time in America. Beginners or not, they’ve certainly nailed this one!

Back Home ...... that's where I wanna be
Back Home …… that’s where I wanna be

The can design is pure California Christmas, with jingle bells and palm trees and contains an impressive 3.2 standard drinks. At 8.5%, too many of these and you’d be chasing bright stars all over place like the three (un)wise men! The aroma is of Latvian Christmas gingerbread house, sweet and warm. The taste is of a spiced Cornish fairing , there’s ginger, sugar, cinnamon and a tangy alcoholic finish. It really is quite delicious and ideal for keeping carol-singers happy on a cold LA night (if such a thing exists?).

From Golden Road we get the road, from the LA road we get the highway. Here’s stout fellows, Audioslave with “I Am The Highway”



Hopwired IPA – 8 Wired Brewery (NZ)

This was my Christmas Eve beer, and what a beauty it was! I had a little help reviewing this one in the form of two old friends, with years of beer-drinking experience.

Hopwired IPA - gets your motor running
Hopwired IPA – gets your motor running


Hopwired IPA is superbly complex ale that pours a beautifully clear brandy gold. The aroma is rich and varied, we noted passionfruit, fresh papaya and tinned tangerines! The boys picked up on the alcohol content (it’s a hefty 7.3%) which only added to the song, bitter finish, leaving your palate tingling with undertones of fresh lime and pine needles. A great American-style IPA for those that like their ales like a drunk Marine …….. strong and punchy.

If we had bought more, I’d have left one out for Santa. I’ll be putting some on my list for next Christmas.

My timing might not be the greatest, but here’s U2, with “I Believe In Father Christmas” …………