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The Fox – Hop & Rye Lager – Rabbit & Spaghetti (AUS)

The Fox - a crafty little lager....
The Fox – a crafty little lager….

The Fox is in the hen house alright! Wine maker, Adam Barton branched out into brewing and has come up with a surprisingly complex and pleasing lager.

In Adam’s own words,’ “Like traditional European lagers, a slow cold fermentation and extended maturation has allowed a slow building of clean, crisp lager characters with distinct and engaging hop aromas of grassy florals & spice that are interwoven with the complex biscuity aromas from the use of three types of malt. This is a refreshing lager with low bitterness and a distinct flavour profile that is made with care & patience from natural ingredients.”

This certainly has the characteristics of a German or Czech lager, with solid malty undertones, and  a rich golden colour, ‘Biscuity’? Yes, there’s Malted Milk, in there, with a hint of honeydew melon. ‘Refreshing’? Yes, but so so refreshing that you don’t want another one.

If you like lager, you love this. If you like spending money, you’ll love this too. At $156 a case it’s not for your average BBQ or fishing trip, but the cans are 500ml, so you’re getting 12L of quality lager. Cough, cough ……. Christmas is coming……. cough!

Cos it’s a lager n all, I was very much in danger of  including Underworld with ‘Born Slippy’ for a third time so here’s the Fleet Foxes with, ‘Ragged Wood’…….



4 Hearts Pale Ale – Four Hearts Brewing (QLD)

It’s nearly 12 months since Queensland last won a State of Origin series. But a least our friends across the border have go got something to smile about …………. some half-decent beer.

4 Hearts Pale Ale - so much more than the bitter taste of defeat
4 Hearts Pale Ale – so much more than the bitter taste of defeat


Like the Maroons side, this is a very classy looking package. If you’re going to make a craft brew, it’s important to pay attention to detail, even the bottle feels nice in the hand. Ipswich’s Four Hearts Brewing have done a fine job. It’s a great looking beer too, deep amber with plenty of fizz. I thought it was served a little too cold, which tends to hide the flavour. American in style, there’s plenty of hops, and like last nights game for the Queenslanders, a real bitter finish.

Joking aside, it’s a crisp, refreshing pale but I would have like some greater complexity, this one’s all about the finish.

It’s not big or clever to gloat …….. but it is fun. Here’s Queen with ‘We Are The Champions’ …………….

Reef Blonde – Blue Sky Brewery (AUS)

The Beer Hunter is back, redefining the meaning of ‘365’.  I won’t blame it on the sunshine, the moonlight or the boogie but suffice to say I’ve been away for a few days in FNQ, with no internet and even worse, no beer …….. until I reached the airport! At least there was no FNQ.

Blue Sky Brewery's 'Reef Blonde' ....... Blonde's have more fun
Blue Sky Brewery’s ‘Reef Blonde’ ……. Blonde’s have more fun

Regular reader will know that I’m not much of a lager fan (old friends will scoff and do a double take), but the ‘Reef Blonde‘ caught my eye at Cairns Airport.  Besides, it’s not really a lager. Hand-crafted? yes. Low-carb? Yes, but why? I like carbs!

I was pleasantly surprised but this pale lager-like beer. The pipes were certainly clean when mine was poured, producing a good head that tracked down the glass as I sipped away. I didn’t miss the carbs at all and found fresh undertones of Champagne and elderflower.  A real refresher. The best beer I’d had all week ……….. and the first.

Here’s Reef with ‘Place Your Hands’ …….. Oright now!




28 Pale Ale – Burleigh Brewing Co (AUS)

Burleigh Brewing Co’s 28 Pale Ale “honours the famous 28-day swell at Burleigh, to which local surfers flocked, back in 1975.” You can check out the full story on the brewery’s website burleighbrewing.com.au it’s well worth a read.

28 Plae Ale, 70's style - tight flares and glitter balls
28 Pale Ale, 70’s style – tight flares and glitter balls

American in style, it’s fresh and fruity with a nice citrus tang, reminiscent of grapefruit rind. The “70’s style” comes through too with undertones of tight flares and glitter balls. There’s that all American strong hop finish too, very satisfying. I had mine with barbecued chicken and red-hot chilli sauce. Here’s the Kings of Australian Surf Psych Space Spaghetti-Western Rock, The Break with ‘Face The Music’

Duke – All Malt Helles by Burleigh Brewery (AUS)

I wasn’t sure what a ‘Helles’ was when I popped the top of this “All Malt” brew by the Burleigh Brewery in Burleigh Heads, Queensland. On pouring, I could tell it was definitely a lager by its pale straw colour. The label bumf purports that the lager is inspired by European brews and a little research tells me that a ‘Helles’ is a typical Munich lager, “The aroma should have very low hop tones and bitterness, with a malty or grassy sweetness slightly apparent. A slight bready yeast tone should also be notable. The aroma should be somewhat muted. The taste Should also have a low hop bitterness. A mild malt sweetness should be notable, along with a bready yeast flavour.”(TheBeerSpot.com).

Duke - All Malt Helles .. easy drinking lager
Duke – All Malt Helles .. easy drinking lager


Now, I don’t read anything but the front label before my tastings so I’m quite pleased to report that this Helles pretty much does what is says on the tin. There’s no real strong aroma and the taste is clean and reminiscent of a Becks Vier. At 3.5% it’s a good old fashioned session lager, not too much gas and a balanced malty flavour with an ever so slight bitter finish. It slides down very easily indeed. Burleigh Brewery must have done their homework.

Continuing my beer and music association football, here are the Arch Dukes themselves