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Stash IPA – Independence Brewing Co (People’s Republic of Texas)

When you find yourself at Bergstrom International Airport, Austin, Texas and your flight’s been delayed; and you’ve managed to wangle your way into American Airlines’ Admiral’s Club, you’ve got to use your drink vouchers wisely. I can think of no fairer exchange than a piece of printed paper for a bottle of Stash IPA.

Image of a bottle of Stash IPA
Stash IPA – somehow got past the sniffer dogs at the airport


Brewed by Austin’s own Independence Brewing Co, Stash is billed as ‘dank and resinous’. From that description, you might expect it to taste like bong water! Instead, what you get is a punchy American-style IPA packed with taste and aroma. At 7% ABV it’s a heady experience, rolling with citrus, pine sap and exotic resin flavours. Stash IPA comes highly recommended, see your local dealer today and smash one with a buddy!

Here’s Cypress Hill, with ‘I Want To Get High’ …………



“Fuego” Jalepeno Pislner – Twisted X Brewing Company (TEX)

I was mighty impressed with the craft beers in the People’s Republic of Texas, on what was my first visit to the country. One the best brews was one of the last I sampled. Having just topped up my ring-burner supplies in Austin’s Tears of Joy hot sauce shop, I joined my amigos at the Iron Cactus, on Austin’s famous 6th St for my good ole Tex Mex food before heading home.

Even the street art is so big that you can't fit it in the frame .....
Even the street art is so big that you can’t fit it in the frame …..


The guacamole was the best I’ve ever had, the fried fish tacos really hit the spot and, to top it all, the ‘Fuego’ Jalapeno Pilsner proved the perfect accompaniment.

Blurry can of Fuego
Even looking at a can of Fuego can blur you vision

Brewed by the Texan Twisted X Brewing Company, Fuego is a beautifully balanced Pilsner with enough Jalapeno heat to make it interesting but not so much that it takes away from the complex hop flavours. I loved it’s subtlety, but if heat is your thing you could always spice it up with some Anal Angst or Brand New Asshole hot sauce from Tears of Joy!

Here’s brilliantly twisted Texan, Bill Callahan with …. America ………..

Munroe’s Fredonian Ale (USA)

All work and no play ……………… The Beer Hunter has been hunting.

What a rare treat and what a rare ale. This limited edition ale is very hard to find in Australia. In fact it is so limited in its Australian edition that I’ve drunk the only one. Munroe’s Fredonian is a hand crafted, American style pale ale from the little-known Munroe Brewery in Sarasota, Florida and boy, it’s a beauty.

Munroe's Fredonian Ale - Hand-crafted, hand-delivered
Munroe’s Fredonian Ale – Hand-crafted, hand-delivered. Alan with his lovely wife, Casey.


Head brewer and founder, Alan Munroe hand delivered this little gem. It travels well and arrived in perfect condition. A deep reddish amber in colour, it has floral aroma, plenty of fizz and holds its head well. A good balance of citrus and hops give it a full, well-rounded flavour and the dry hopping towards the end of the brewing process gives it a lip-smacking bitter finish.

I give it 5 bunny ears and can’t wait for the 2015 vintage. Goes well with a Cornish Pasty ……………. Muy Buena!

In honour of the first Fredonians, here’s Texas with ‘I Don’t Want A Lover’