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2013 Summer Ale – Endeavour Vintage Beers, Seasonal Series (AUS)

I like the idea of “Vintage Beers” (hell, I’ve just bought a ‘vintage’ house!). I also like the idea of a ‘Seasonal Series” but maybe I should leave the “Summer Ale” until it’s summer? I’m sure this a very refreshing beer when it’s hot and humid but I found it a little lacking on a winters day, when I crave something with a little more depth.

Endeavour Vintage Beers 2013 Summer Ale
Endeavour Vintage Beers 2013 Summer Ale – best left until Summer 2014


It certainly pours beautifully and looks great but I found it hard to distinguish any specific aroma ……. other than that of beer. It’s a lovely tasting beer too, with faint undertones of caramel and perhaps dried apricot but nothing really stands out. I prefer a bit more oomph!

It would suit a pasta dish or a good ole chicken caesar. Buy one now perhaps, and lay it down until summer 2014 ………. I’ve got pumpkin ale laid down ready for Halloween, so it can be done.

As part of my seasonal tunes series, here’s the full-flavoured Mark Lanegan and the “The Screaming Trees” with, ‘Shadow of the Season’ …………………